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Why Breakfast Can Be A Healthy Choice All Day

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Why Breakfast Can Be A Healthy Choice All Day

The idea of “breakfast for dinner” is not new—in fact, people have been eating all sorts of foods all throughout the day forever to feed their hunger. But in a world where you have access to all the foods, all the time, should you really be eating breakfast all day?

Absolutely—if you make the right choices. When you visit a diner in New Jersey, you are faced with all sorts of decisions for your meal, and your health. You can get anything from a fresh, healthy salad to a gooey, indulgent dessert. All of these things are good choices, depending on the context, but breakfast has some particular benefits. Here are our favorites:

  • Breakfast can be a good source of protein. Eggs are loaded with protein while being low in fat and calories, making them a great food all day. While the traditional breakfast meats of ham, bacon, and sausage might not be the leanest choices, they are a favorite of many diners and are a healthy part of any diet when included in moderation.
  • Breakfast is often easy to digest. Whether you are enjoying an omelette, pancakes, or a breakfast sandwich, breakfast food is usually easy on your stomach, making it a good choice for a sensitive stomach.
  • Potatoes are packed with potassium. Hate bananas? The good old spud has you covered! Our home fries and hash browns deliver a surprising punch of this often-overlooked vitamin.
  • Sneak in fruits and veggies! It’s so easy to add some fruit to your French toast or waffles, and what sort of omelette is without some peppers, broccoli, or spinach?

Choose the best foods for your health all day, and consider ordering breakfast next time you visit Oakland Diner in NJ!


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