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Dining Together: Why it’s Important, How to Get Started

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Dining Together: Why it’s Important, How to Get Started

In today’s world, many people struggle with feeling disconnected from others. Despite technological advances that have us able to talk, text, or even interact live on video with the touch of a smartphone, people are feeling less and less engaged over time. The problem? While we interact virtually, we miss many of the “in-person” interactions that have been a part of human social life for generations.

How can you address this problem? Consider dining together with your friends, family, or others! When you visit a fun diner in New Jersey for a late-night snack, weekend breakfast, or delicious meal any time of the day, you’re doing more than just feeding your body—you’re feeding your natural, human instinct for human connection and interaction!

When you check out your favorite NJ diner for a meal with your friends, you may find that your conversations wander to the sights you see, the people around you, or even the conversation you can overhear from a few booths away. These are all good, normal things that too many people have gotten away from regularly. When you bring children out to restaurants or diners for meals, they learn important social and life skills that will prepare them for college and the workforce—plus, you get a break from your everyday cooking patterns.

Not sure how to get started? Many people are hesitant to dine out with people whom they are not close to, because they are not sure what to say. The dreaded “silence” is made even worse when you choose not to look at cell phones, tablets, smart watches, or anything else and just focus on the person! Here are some conversation starters that can help fill that dreaded time between placing your order and getting your food:

What’s your favorite dish at Oakland Diner?

What’s one thing about yourself that you hope will never change?

What book or movie have you always wanted to read/view, but have simply never had the time?

What was your favorite story as a child?

What is the one thing that you wish every person on earth knew?

If you and I were a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, who would be the peanut butter, and who would be the jelly?

Some of these are silly, some are serious, but the main point is that they are all ways of engaging with your fellow diners! For more tips on food, fun, and health, check back on our blog regularly, or stop in at Oakland Diner to try our wide menu yourself!


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